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We appreciate the feedback from inventors who took time to tell us about their positive experience using the online submission process. Our goal is to make this experience even better - easy to navigate, productive and results oriented. Your input is key to a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship.

Inventor Feedback



Thanks for getting back to me early and thanks again for the informative feedback. It's really useful for me to know why an idea I have is rejected. Many other companies in the DRTV industry don't provide such feedback. I don't currently have another idea up my sleeve, but when I do, Hampton Direct will be the first to know about it. Compared to some other companies in the same business, I believe that Hampton Direct is more interested in quality, useful products that have longevity...and that is really what I'm trying to accomplish."


Joseph D., California



"Thank you for the review and nice email. I completely understand and when I have new products I will definitely see if your company is interested. When I spoke at the Inventors Alliance meeting a few weeks ago I mentioned your company as one of the rare honest companies in the DRTV world which is full of sharks."


Steve F., California



"Please tell those at Hampton Direct, "Thank you," for making this online submission process so easy. I look forward to hearing from you very soon."


Karen T., Florida



“Thanks for your consideration. Hampton direct was my first pick in the retail market … I really liked Steve Heroux message on his web page.”


R. Reome, South Carolina



"I had the unique opportunity to meet [representatives] from Hampton Direct earlier this week... Based upon my experience and the recommendations of other reputable sources, this is a company that you should consider working with. While they didn't think my current product was right for DRTV, I would approach them again in an instant with my next idea. "


Mike B., Virginia



“I submitted quite a few ideas to Steve and Pierre and we've had great feedback. One in particular, they've taken it on and gone through the product development process with it. Getting a product on the shelves is tough. There are always patent issues. That's why it's important to keep the pipeline full. I've been directing other inventors to them. They're one of the good guys in the industry. I enjoy working with them. There are a lot of companies out there I just don't trust. But Steve and Pierre get back to you quickly, and they're very trustworthy."


Eric Huber, California, “As Seen on TV! Steve Heroux and Hampton Direct”, Vermont Business Magazine



«Les inventeurs font des pieds et des mains pour trouver quelqu'un qui pense que leur produit est un bon produit. J'ai fait développer un produit. J'avais un brevet. J'ai fait faire le moule. Le produit était prêt à entrer sur le marché. À l'époque, Hampton Direct avait un bureau au Canada. Ils se sont occupés du produit et nous en avons fait une réussite. Pour moi, ce fut une expérience tout à fait agréable. Chez Hampton Direct, les gens sont très sympathiques. Ce qui m'a impressionné le plus, c'est leur franchise et leur honnêteté. Ils n'ont jamais pensé à me rouler. Ils ne manquent jamais un paiement. C'est une excellente entreprise.»


Peter Huszcz, Inventeur du Meatball Magic, Vermont Business Magazine