CEO Message


Steve Heroux, Founder and CEO

There are so many big Fortune 500 companies that were initially built on a single great product idea.  Since innovation will play an important role to the success of Hampton Direct, I am always eager to be introduced to great product ideas from inventors around the world.  I recognize that it’s not always easy for an inventor to bring their great product idea to the marketplace and Hampton Direct is here to close that gap.


Not all products fit well in our market and we make it a goal to give appropriate feedback.  Inventors usually have more than one idea and our team provides expertise in guiding them to learn if their ideas have potential.


I encourage the Hampton Direct team to provide constructive feedback in a timely manner, in order to help the inventor take their product to the marketplace sooner.


Being an inventor myself, I know how much work goes into coming up with a great product idea and because of this experience we are very fair in working with inventors relative to licensing agreements that are beneficial for both parties.


We have long term relationships with many of the largest retail chains in the country and we have brought them success with innovative products. Testament to this success is placement of our products in over 80,000 stores in a short period of time.  This strategic partnership with national retailers provides the impetus for speed to market placement for these products. 


One of the best parts of my career is to be involved in reviewing many new and interesting product ideas – just when you think everything has been invented, something new comes along and it just blows me away.


I hope to hear from you and I think you’ll really enjoy working with my team.  Innovation is truly the heart of Hampton Direct.